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Quantas to Compensate Passengers for Another Mid-Air Incident

Quantas Airlines continues to have an incredible string of mid-air incidents which is forcing the airline to compensate passengers:

The Australian airline Qantas plans to offer refunds and other compensation to passengers who were on a jet that suddenly changed altitude this week, injuring 74 people, the airline said Thursday.

Qantas Flight 72 was flying from Singapore to the western Australian city of Perth when a sudden change of altitude caused abrasions, contusions, fractures and other injuries. The cause of that change remains under investigation.

The pilot of the Airbus A330-300 made an emergency landing in Exmouth, Australia.

The injured included 14 who were flown to a hospital with serious injuries, 30 who had less serious injuries that nonetheless required hospitalization and another 30 who received treatment for minor injuries, Qantas said.

The airline plans to contact each passenger and will arrange to refund the cost of all Qantas travel on their itinerary, the airline told CNN Thursday. In addition, the airline said it will provide each passenger with a voucher for the value of a flight between Australia and Great Britain.  [CNN]

This incident comes on the heel of other accidents such as the side of one of their 747 blowing out as well as other negative headlines coming from their Mile High Flight Attendant.  I’m still going to keep flying Quantas because I really like their airline, but these negative incidents are only going to further drop the airline’s reputation globally.