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Victoria Has Coldest Winter in 10 Years

The global cooling that has been effecting the rest of the world continues to effect Victoria as well:

GALE warnings, snowfalls, thunderstorms and hail – it must be spring in Victoria.

The state has had its coldest winter in 10 years and snow is expected to continue to fall in alpine areas this week as spring begins.

After a fine start in Melbourne yesterday, winter returned about midday with cold wind and rain.

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Terry Ryan said that it rained across much of the state.

Thunderstorms passed over the Mornington Peninsula and hail fell in Bendigo, Mr Ryan said.

Snow was falling on Mt Buller yesterday afternoon and was expected to continue in the evening, he said.

The snow season has been extended to October 5 on the mountain.

Snow is expected to fall early this week on Buller, as well as Falls Creek and Mt Hotham. [Herald-Sun]

When I read things like this it makes me recall the people who claim the “show will be over” for Australia or that the country will need to be evacuated due to global warming.

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