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Australian Prostitutes Speak Out On Australian Men’s Fetishes

For those that don’t know, prostitution is perfectly legal in Australia and now some sex workers are coming out and disclosing some of the strange fetishes Australian men have:

WORKING in a brothel requires a woman to be sex worker, psychologist, nurse, police officer, stress relief therapist, actress – and sometimes even a jockey.

Kylie*, a prostitute at The Golden Apple brothel in Sydney’s Kings Cross for the past eight years, says she has been both disturbed and amused by some of the sexual predilections of her clients.

“We get a lot of guys who have a little quirk or fantasy that they can’t act out with their wives or girlfriends so they come to us,” she says.

There is even one man who asks the girls to sit on his back, smack him and call him Blacky the horse and still another who gets off by having the girls crush snails with their feet. []

Read the whole thing but clearly some Australians have some weird sex habits but what I found most interesting was how the sex workers believe the legalize prostitution in Australia may be preventing people from committing sex crimes. I haven’t seen any reliable data to support this claim but here is an interesting site that offers points of view in regards to both sides of this issue.

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