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Lost Victorian Prospector Found in the Outback

A gold prospector lost in Western Australia’s remote Outback has incredibly been found after surviving four days alone in the Outback:

A gold prospector survived on insects and termites for four days after becoming lost in Western Australia ‘s Goldfields region, police say.

Theo Rosmolder, 52, from Victoria, was in a “particularly good condition for the ordeal”, police said after finding him 10km from his prospecting group’s campsite, about 130km north of Laverton.

Mr Rosmolder had been searching for gold with his wife and four other people in the desert scrubland.

When he failed to return to the group at a pre-arranged time last Friday, they began searching for him and raised the alarm with police that night.

He was wearing light clothing and carrying a metal detector but had no food, water, matches or global positioning system on him, police said.

Police said Mr Rosmolder was on his feet and able to walk when he was found, reportedly by two Aboriginal trackers. [AAP]

It seems like every few months someone gets lost in either the Australian bush or Outback which usually ends in tragic consequences.  Fortunately this time the story has ended with a happy ending.