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The Coolest Campervan Ever

Having on multiple occasions used campervans to tour around both Australia and New Zealand and I think it is safe to say I have developed an appreciation for a good campervan.  After checking out pictures of the below campervan I have to say it is the coolest one I have ever seen even if it looks like a dump truck:


Here is a view of the living room area from the bed:


From the living room you can see where the bed is located above:


Here is the kitchen area:


Smartly located near the exit door and the passage to the driver’s cab is a computer desk:


Here is view looking at the kitchen back towards the living room area:


In the following pictures you can see the kitchen has everything you could possibly ever need:




Not only is this campervan a four wheel drive but it even has a motorcycle stored on the back that allows the owners to get to even harder to reach places that their truck can’t get to:


Here is a final picture of the coolest campervan ever:


Somehow I don’t think Britz will be renting these out anytime soon.

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