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My Love/Hate Relationship with Cockatoos

I really like Australian cockatoos. Yes they are noisy to be around at first but I have long since gotten used to them. They come to my yard often and are fun to watch clown around among each other as well as pick on the smaller birds. These birds are also highly intelligent and I have even seen a cockatoo that was trained to talk by its owner.

However with that said the cockatoos that come to my yard are starting to get on my nerves because they are tearing up my gum tree:


A gang of about 15 cockatoos have been sitting in the big gum tree in my backyard picking off the branches which are falling all over my backyard and covering up the grass:


It is bad enough I have kangaroos tearing down my fence line, but now I have cockatoos destroying my entire yard. I went out there to rake up all the branches and the cockatoos were literally throwing branches at me when I was raking.

This is the first time I have seen cockatoos have this strange behavior. Never before have I had such trouble with cockatoos. If anyone knows why this gang of cockatoos is acting so strange please let me know. Hopefully this gang that is causing the current problems will just move along eventually because I am tired of raking up after them.