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Tania Zaetta to Receive Apology from Australian Defence Force

Australian actress Tania Zaetta was alleged a couple a weeks ago with be involved in a sex scandal with Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.  She denied the allegations and subsequently demanded an apology from the Australian Defence Force for leaking to the press that they were investigating the allegations against her.  Well it looks like now she is going to get her long overdue apology:

ENTERTAINER Tania Zaetta will receive a personal apology from the defence force chief over unsubstantiated claims she had sex with Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Air Chief Marshal Houston said there was no evidence of any such conduct by Zaetta during a concert tour in April.

A defence briefing document, leaked to the media, had referred to second-hand claims that Zaetta had sex with special forces soldiers at the Australian base in Tarin Kowt in Afghanistan.

"A quick assessment has been completed," Air Chief Marshal Houston told a senate estimates hearing today.

"There was no substance to the allegations, and I will conclude the matter with a letter to the person in question.

"I will obviously apologise and express my deep regret about any hurt she has suffered."

Air Chief Marshal Houston said he was deeply concerned about the whole matter.

"It was not well-handled by us. I was absolutely appalled that the names were put out in the `hot issues brief’ and I regret the whole thing," he said.  [AAP]

Hopefully this settles this issue and Tania Zaetta doesn’t suffer any career damage.  I saw Zaetta once again on A Current Affair tonight and once again she was defending herself and hoping this is now all finally behind her.  Let’s hope so.