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Melbourne Bouncer Eddie Attal Fired after Photo Controversy

This past weekend a Melbourne bouncer Eddie Attal was pictured kicking a man in the streets of downtown Melbourne:


Now Attal is defending himself after he was fired due to the picture controversy:

MELBOURNE’S 2am lockout has started as the sacked bouncer whose brutality shocked Victorians moved to defend himself. “I’m trying to regain my balance,” he said.

Bar 20 crowd controller Eddie Attal said he could not believe he was the same man portrayed in a confronting series of photos in the Herald Sun.

Mr Attal denied the photos show him assaulting a man outside the King St strip joint.

“It looks like I’m kicking him. I’m trying to regain my balance,” he said.

“I was very devastated and very upset. I’m not that person. I’m a family man with three kids.

“It looks bad. It’s a shot that captures the whole thug issue. There’s not much I can say.” [Herald-Sun]

It sure looks like the bouncer is kicking that guy and not just losing his balance.  If he was slipping how does he explain this image:

Did Attal slip and hit the guy in the kidneys in this image?:

It is pretty clear Attal is giving this guy a beat down well outside what his job allows him to do.  Since this happened downtown hopefully there is some close captioned camera footage of the incident that will further show that Attal assaulted the guy.

However, this is a perfect example of why I do not go to downtown Melbourne at night because the alcohol fueled violence just continues to happen there.  It is bad enough there are so many violent drunks walking around now the bouncers are acting just as bad as the drunks.