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Gas Guzzling Cars of Government Leaders

Just another example of do as I say, not as I do and what make these people even worse then usual is that they are hypocrites at the expense of the taxpayer:

KEVIN Rudd might empathise with working families over fuel prices, and express concern over climate change, but some of his colleagues have double standards when it comes to their choice of taxpayer-funded vehicles.

Through a little-known perk, federal departments often provide ministers and parliamentary secretaries with a private-plated car and fuel card for their use in Canberra, separate to any electorate or private vehicles they might have at home.

So this week, when not in parliament debating price-reduction policies and cabinet leaks, the ministers had the opportunity to take a spin around Canberra’s roundabouts and open up on the avenues – all at taxpayers’ expense, and with scant regard for the fuel used and fumes produced.

The Australian has used Freedom of Information laws, and questioned ministers’ offices and departments, to compile the accompanying list of cabinet cars.  [The Australian]

Here is the great graphic which shows the cars that the Aussie taxpayer is funding for these people:


My favorite on here is Penny Wong the climate change Minister driving around in a gas guzzler.  Good on Peter Garrett for not accepting a government car but I am curious to what his own personal car is along with the rest of these government ministers?