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Uncontacted Tribe in the Amazon Photographed

I think this is one area I will not be going on a walkabout anytime soon:


APPEALS have been made to leave alone the members of one of Brazil’s last uncontacted Indian tribes, spotted in the Amazon jungle near the Peruvian border.

The Indians were sighted and photographed from an aircraft or helicopter during flights over the rainforest in remote Acre state, said Brazil’s National Indian Foundation, known as Funai.

Funai said it photographed “strong and healthy” warriors, six huts and a large planted area.

The photographs show red-painted tribe members brandishing bows and arrows.

Funai said it was not known to which tribe they belonged.

“Four distinct isolated peoples exist in this region, whom we have accompanied for 20 years,” Funai expert Jose Carlos Meirelles Junior said.

“We did the overflight to show their houses, to show they are there, to show they exist,” he said.

“This is very important because there are some who doubt their existence.” [AAP]

“Strong and healthy warriors”, this guys makes it sound like he is spotting wildlife instead of people. It seems to me that if this guy wanted to ensure these natives remained “uncontacted” I would think flying a helicopter right over their homes wouldn’t be the way to go about doing that?

Anyway the pictures they took are pretty cool:


Pretty sizable community they built out in the middle of nowhere.

You can view the rest of the pictures they took here.


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