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Melbourne Teacher Wanted Student to Treat Her As A “Sex Slave”

If people think weird behavior between teachers and students only happens in the US, let me tell you it happens plenty here in Australia as well:

A MELBOURNE female teacher charged with sexually penetrating a 15-year-old student urged the boy to treat her like a sex slave, court documents show.

Nazira Rafei, 25, who is a teacher at a Melbourne high school, is charged with one count of sexually penetrating a child under 16 and four counts of an indecent act with a child under 16.

She is also charged with trying to conceal the relationship by making an unwarranted demand on the boy.

During a brief filing hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court today, her lawyer, Steve Pica, indicated Rafei would plead not guilty.

“This case is likely to attract a fair degree of media attention,” Mr Pica told the court. [AAP]

This case isn’t really getting too much media attention really other then minor blurbs in the news unlike the US where it seems like these teacher sex scandals always make big headlines.

Anyway here is a picture of Nazira Rafei for those who are curious which I know some of you out there reading this are:


You can read more here from the Herald-Sun.


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