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Giant Squid Caught Off the Victorian Coast

Check out the size of this squid caught off the coast the Victorian coastline of Australia:


Fishing trawler skipper Rangi Pene knew he’d netted the catch of the day when he winched his net up from the ocean floor.

About halfway down the net was a large mass which, as the net drew closer, Mr Pene knew was not your everyday fish.

It was in fact the catch of a lifetime – a six-metre long, 230kg squid, which is now in a freezer in Portland, waiting for collection by Museum Victoria.

“As soon as we seen it, we (thought) we’ll have to save this,” the excited skipper said.

The trawler, Zeehaan, was fishing about 40km off the coast of Portland in Victoria’s west, when it netted the squid on Sunday night in waters more than 500 metres deep.  [AAP]

If anyone is wondering the squid was already dead when it was caught.  It will be interesting to see how much this squid ways compared to the squid caught last year by New Zealand fishermen off the coast of Antarctica that weighed in at 495 kilograms.  Now that is a lot of calamari.