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On Walkabout Movie Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


This weekend my wife and I were quite excited to head over to the local movie theater to watch the latest entry of the Indiana Jones series. Our expectations were pretty high considering this was an Indiana Jones film. The way the movie started out it appeared our expectations were going to be met with lots of fast and furious Indy action as he gets caught in a Russian plot to steal a artifact from a US military base in Nevada.

However, after the first 20 minutes of the film it was slightly down hill from there for this movie. There was about a 30 minute lull in the movie to tell the story of the film but the story was so uninteresting and absurd it became (if you can believe this for an Indy film) boring. Yes boring, that was until towards the end in the Amazon where the action finally picked up again with some outstanding action sequences as Indy tries to escape the Russians and return the Crystal Skull to the lost city of gold he was trying to find.

However the action sequences at the end has some extremely absurd moments even for an Indiana Jones movie such as Indy’s young sidekick swinging like Tarzan with has gang of monkeys to fight the Russians. Not to give anything away for people who haven’t seen the movie, let me just say it ends strangely to say the least.

Anyway the movie was still fun to watch. Harrison Ford was excellent in the movie. Even though I and other reviewers (for far different and I would say absurd reasons) have had criticisms about the movie, it is not because of Harrison Ford. He is older now but his age wasn’t a factor in this movie and actually provided some comedy relief as characters make wise cracks about his age in the movie. Australia’s very own Cate Blanchett plays the Russian villain in the movie and personally I don’t think she played a very good villain at all. The actors weren’t bad and an Indy movie isn’t really about good acting anyway.

Overall I would say my wife and I got our money’s worth watching the movie but it is probably the worst of the Indiana Jones series which doesn’t mean much considering how good the other movies were. So definitely check it out but just keep your expectations in check.


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