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Opposition Party Demands Defence Department Apologize for Tania Zaetta Sex Scandal Allegations

The Tania Zaetta sex scandal has now been taken up by the Australian parliament:

Opposition defence spokesman Nick Minchin, who travelled on a transport aircraft with Zaetta and Anderson during the tour, has demanded an explanation from Mr Fitzgibbon.

“This is a gross invasion of her privacy,” he said on Fairfax radio today.

“It is very unfortunate and I think Mr Fitzgibbon, as the Defence Minister, should come out today and explain exactly how this has occurred.

“He should apologise publicly to her. This is an extraordinary invasion of her privacy. He has got some answers to provide.”

Zaetta and Anderson have strongly denied the allegations. []

One of her co-stars on the tour also said the allegations made were likely false:

“Too busy for quickies”

A member of a band which toured Afghanistan with Zaetta dismissed the reports, saying those on tour were too busy to get up to any mischief.

“I’ve heard of quickies mate, but you’d have to be really quick – we didn’t have time to do anything,” John Clinton, from The Wolverines, told Macquarie Radio.

“Everyone was together all the time and everyone was doing their job. We all travelled in the same Hercules, we had buses when we arrived.

“They did a roll call before we took off, we had a roll call when we got there. It’s not as if you can go missing.’

“I can’t see where that sort of thing could have happened.” []

I just saw Tania Zaetta on A Current Affair (ACA) and she denied everything and was very convincing. She also brought up what I discussed before that these allegations could be highly damaging to her Bollywood career because in India such allegations are not taken lightly like they are to a western audience. She also feels like the Defence Department owes her an apology which I think she definitely deserves considering how this all appears to be fabricated.

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