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Adelaide & Canberra Boring, So Says MP

It seems like politicians in Australia have no problem speaking their minds in regards to what they think about other states:

A NSW Government minister has declared Adelaide “boring” and Canberra even more so, in response to advertisements urging frustrated Sydneysiders to avoid gridlocked roads by moving interstate.

Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal today dismissed the recent ad campaigns backed by the SA and ACT governments, which have targeted users of Sydney’s problematic rail network and its congested roads.

“The South Australian government can do whatever it wants,” Mr Roozendaal said.

“But anyone that … has been to Adelaide knows it is a pretty boring place, and it just can’t compare to Sydney.

“Anyone who goes to Canberra knows Canberra is even more boring than Adelaide, and Sydney is the greatest city in the country.”

Some of Sydney’s major train stations have been plastered with billboards reading: “You’d be home by now if you lived in Adelaide”.

It follows a similarly themed campaign targeting the city’s often frustrated motorists – a rear-panel advertisement on buses reads: “Like traffic that moves? Move to Canberra”.  [AAP]

For those that haven’t lived in Australia before, Canberra is pretty much ripped on by everyone including many people who live there while Adelaide is likewise ripped on by everyone except people from South Australia who take pride in their “boring” town.

Adelaide though has been ripped on quite a bit this year with people calling the city both a “backwater” and “dying” city.   The funny thing is that if you ask someone from Adelaide about this, they will agree with you!

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