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Corey Worthington’s New Look

Either you love him or you hate him, but Melbourne party teen Corey Worthington just doesn’t seem to go away and now even his mother is making headlines:

PARTY pest Corey Worthington’s mother, Joanne Delaney, has been charged with assault and hindering police, Victoria Police confirmed yesterday.

The charges relate to an incident that allegedly occurred at Ms Delaney’s home in Narre Warren South on February 6.

Four police attended the home on March 12, the day of the incident.

In a statement released yesterday, Ms Delaney, 43, denied she hindered or assaulted police and said she would “vigorously” defend the charges.

Ms Delaney is due to appear in Dandenong Magistrates’ Court on July 30. [Herald-Sun]

While his mom is being brought up on assault charges Corey has been busy changing his look for his guest appearance on the Big Brother program:

The revelation that his mother was facing assault charges came as neighbourhood nuisance Worthington, 17, revealed his “new look” to enter Channel 10’s Big Brother house.

Worthington, who hosted a house party in January that spiralled out of control and ended with youths terrorising Narre Warren residents and pelting police with rocks, will enter the Big Brother house as an intruder.

It was rumoured the one-time apprentice carpenter would earn $20,000 for his appearance on tonight’s episode of the reality show.

I don’t blame Corey for chasing the money because if someone is going to offer him that kind of money to appear on the show he might as well take it. However, I just hope he has a back up plan with his life once his 15 minutes of fame are up. If he was smart he would finish up high school and make sure he has enough money saved up to go to college just in case this whole party gig doesn’t work out.

Anyway, so who likes Coreys’ new look?:

Corey Worthington’s New Look

With a haircut like that he might as well put the wig back on, but what do I know?


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