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Two Australians Claim to Be Daniel Radcliffe’s Dream Girl

So which girl is it for Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe?:

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was simply looking for the mystery Aussie girl who once caught his eye, but now he has two woman claiming to be the girl of his dreams – and one bemused boyfriend.

Because while 20-year-old Cassi McKay might have worked her magic on Hollywood’s boy wizard, Sydney electrician Matt Wesley is taking the new development in his stride.

The 23-year-old, who has been dating Sydney insurance worker McKay for almost three years, was aware that she had met Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe at a function last year. [Herald-Sun]

However, Cassi McKay is not the only one claiming to be Radcliffe’s dream girl:

As if a protective boyfriend wasn’t enough, a second local beauty emerged today to claim she was the mystery siren who took his heart.  

And guess what? Yes, she has a boyfriend, too.

Melbourne saxophonist Savannah Blount, 23, is the woman pictured on Radcliffe’s other arm during a fleeting backstage embrace at the AFI awards in 2006, according to MX newspaper.

Blount said she was charmed by the teen wizard and was happy to go on a date with him if the chance arose during one of her regular UK tours.

Both are pretty good looking girls.  So who do you think is Radcliffe’s Dream Girl?

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