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Shepparton Man Too Fat for Jail

This Shepparton man is quite lucky that he won’t be spending any time in jail:

A MAN considered too fat to be jailed has spoken out after escaping time behind bars because of his weight.

Shepparton man Claude Jackson was ordered to do community service for smashing a glass over another man’s head at a Shepparton bar on January 14, 2007.

The victim, Tim Kirkman, received a 4cm cut to his neck in the incident and required hospital treatment.

Jackson pleaded guilty to recklessly causing serious injury and affray.

A medical report submitted to the County Court sitting at Shepparton said Mr Jackson, who weighed 190kg, had suffered three heart attacks earlier in life and suffered from ongoing arthritis, sleep apnoea and other weight-related ailments.

It said he had once weighed up to 234kg and that “morbid obesity” had been present all his life.

The medical report also warned that a jail term would “create great problems” for his health. [Herald-Sun]

If there was ever an ideal candidate for Australia’s Biggest Loser program this guy is it. Can you just imagine this guy being trained by Commando Steve? By the way how old does everyone think this guy is? Check below the fold for the answer:

If you can believe it this guy is only 21 years old! Incredible.

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