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Children of Sexual Abuse Given Contraceptives?

I had to read this article twice to believe what I was reading:

QUEENSLAND authorities should be removing children who have underage sex from dangerous and illegal situations, instead of implanting them with contraceptive devices, the state opposition says.

Queensland Health has admitted giving girls as young as 12 the contraceptive Implanon – a small plastic rod containing the hormone progestogen which is inserted into the arm and lasts three years.

Opposition child safety spokeswoman Jan Stuckey yesterday told state parliament she discovered the practice on a visit earlier this year to two indigenous communities – Aurukun on Cape York and Woorabinda, west of Rockhampton.  [AAP]

Let me get this right, children of Aboriginals as young as 12 years old are victims of sexual abuse and the Australian government’s response is to give them a contraceptive?  Does anyone think if these children were non-Aboriginals that this is what the government’s response would have been? 

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