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My New Backyard Visitor

My wife and I had a surprise this morning when we found out we have a new resident in our backyard:


I have blogged before how I live next to some adjacent bushland inhabited by a mob of kangaroos and now one of them has decided my backyard is good place to get some chow:


We have been watering our grass with the gray water from the washing machine which keeps our grass greener then what this kangaroo is probably used to eating out in the bush where it has been quite dry the last month and a half. The kangaroo is actually doing me a favor because I may not have to mow my grass at the rate he is eating my grass.

My wife and I were watching him from our kitchen window and he decided to hop on over and see what we were doing:


He took off later on in the day when my wife went outside to drive off in her car and the kangaroo got scared from the car noise. However, it will be interesting to see if the kangaroo decides to come back or not because he still has plenty of grass to eat to save me from doing some lawn mowing.


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