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Sydneysiders Want to be Paid to Commute

I just do not see this happening any time soon:

SYDNEY workers should have commuting time included in their official work day because public transport and traffic troubles make journeys so lengthy, a union boss said.

New technologies mean many employees are able to start their working day while in transit, Unions NSW secretary John Robertson said.

For workers commuting to Sydney from the Illawarra, Central Coast or Blue Mountains, the change could save the equivalent of one working week a month, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

“Many businesses already pay their staff to work from home, so it’s logical to consider paying them to make their commuting more productive,” Mr Robertson told the Herald.  [AAP]

Look at how much time time Sydneysiders allegedly spend commuting every day:

The average commuting time for many of the 117,000 Sydney workers who live on the NSW Central Coast, is four hours a day, Mr Robertson will tell a meeting of the Property Council of Australia in a speech today.

I have a hard time believing on average Sydneysiders commuting a total of four hours a day.  If I was an employer I would tell them to move closer to the city.  Why should an employer be held financially responsible for where an employees decides to live?

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