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Giant Shark Caught in Port Phillip Bay

 Large Shark

The above shark was caught by a fishermen near a popular swimming at Geelong:

A MELBOURNE man hooked a monster shark while fishing off a pier near swimmers southeast of Geelong yesterday morning.

BILL Athanasslies felt his rod “explode” at about 5.30am (AEDT) on Point Lonsdale pier yesterday morning while he was fishing just metres away from a popular swimming location.

“It took-off like a rocket,” he told the Geelong Advertiser today.

Mr Athanasslies, who runs a business teaching people how to land big fish, spent an hour fighting to reel-in the 3m bronze whaler.

Hauling the super-sized fish up onto the pier proved equally challenging.

The bronze whaler was so heavy, Mr Athanasslies and three other men were unable to haul it out of the water.

After struggling for 40 minutes, Mr Athanasslies drove into Point Lonsdale and recruited a three more people off the street to help.

It took eight men to land the shark.  [Geelong Advertiser]

I have heard there are sharks that come into Port Phillip Bay occassionally and this proves it.  Usually sharks in the Melbourne area tend to hang around Phillip Island just outside of the bay because of the large seal colony there they can feed on.  The island is particularly famous for attracting the largest sharks of them all, the Great White.

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