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Adelaide Politicians Look to Increase Water Prices

If you are living in Adelaide your prices for water use may be going up soon:

THE Australian Democrats want an end to domestic water restrictions in Adelaide but say the price of water should be hiked to make those who use more, pay more.

South Australian Democrat MP Sandra Kanck said with Adelaide sweltering through a record heatwave, it was clear there was no short-term relief from the state’s water woes.

“At the present time those who have traditionally grown their own fruit and veggies are the ones who pay the price, while those who waste water in spas and pools have no penalty,” Ms Kanck said.

“Our crazy system of water restrictions lets people shower all day, but condemns some of our trees to die.

“If we get rid of the restrictions and put in a water pricing system that penalises the profligate users we could save on water policing and simply make the users pay.”  [AAP]

The issue I have with ending restrictions is that so people and businesses are so wealthy that simply raising water prices will not do enough to discourage them from using large amounts of water.  With the restriction system they cannot use outrageous amounts of water.

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