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Israeli Tourist Survives Crocodile Attack

This Israeli tourist just had the scare of his life on a Northern Territory river:

A MONSTER crocodile came within a metre of making a meal of a fisherman on a Northern Territory river.

The saltie came alongside the small boat – probably looking for a free feed of fish – and suddenly exploded out of the water.

It almost got its jaws around 27-year-old Israeli tourist Novon Mashiah (TOP), who was leaning over the back of a dinghy posing for a photo.

The crocodile, estimated to be more than 4m long, landed on the side of the boat and then crashed back into the water.

“I was shocked – the animal clearly wanted to kill me,” Mr Mashiah told the Northern Territory News.

“One minute I was leaning over the boat teasing it for a picture. The next minute it burst out of the water with incredible speed … its jaws fully open.

“I was shaking,” he said.

Mr Mashiah’s fishing mate, Doron Aviguy, 22, snapped the pic from a bigger boat nearby. [Northern Territorian]

Anyone that has gone on a jumping crocodile tour in the Northern Territory can tell you how high these crocodiles can jump. So when I did a tour up the East Alligator River and into Arnhem Land I made sure I did not tease the crocodiles or leave any of my extremities outside of the boat. This is a lesson I’m sure this Israeli tourist is sure to have learned now.


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