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Sea Shepherd Bugged Japanese Whaling Ship

For everyone claming the Japanese kidnapped and held hostage the two eco-loons from Sea Shepherd that boarded their ship back in January take a look at this:

The head of the radical anti-whaling Sea Shepherd Society says the two crew members who boarded a Japanese whaling ship last month bugged it.

The Sea Shephard is now using the bugs to track the whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica.

But a split in the organisation is emerging with the captain, Paul Watson, dismissing the safety concerns of the Australian crew member who boarded and bugged the Japanese ship.

Paul Watson is in the Southern Ocean chasing the Japanese whaling fleet. He’s telling PM reporter, Felicity Ogilvie, how the Yushin Maru was bugged. [PM Radio]

So in other words they have been lying all this time about why they boarded the ship and played the media like the tools they are, but it is okay because they are protecting a non-endangered species.