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Perth Chef has Sex with Dead Woman

This is one of the creepiest stories I have read in quite a while:

Bowman was stabbed in Croydon, South London in September 2005, shortly after being dropped off close to her home by her boyfriend, prosecutors said.

Dixie said he stumbled on the blonde’s naked body by chance as he staggered home drunk after celebrating his birthday that same night.

Prosecutors have said sex acts, including sexual intercourse, were performed as Bowman lay dying or was dead in a pool of blood.

Bowman, who was then working as a hairdresser and part-time model, was discovered about two hours later by a neighbour who saw her legs sticking out.

Before Dixie took the stand in his defence, his barrister, Anthony Glass, addressed the jury in a bid to explain his client’s "disgusting conduct".

"It is, you may think, a very unattractive defence," he told the jury.

"He did not know she was dead until intercourse was concluded. Even though you may think his conduct is disgusting, he allowed his lust to get the better of him."  [Reuters]

For a country with such a small population Australia definitely has its fair share of psychopaths and weirdos.