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Tony Abbott’s Corey Worthington Moment

A story making headlines today in Australia is how one of their parliament members Tony Abott had his daughter’s birthday party crashed by a bunch of uninvited guests:

POLICE were twice called to the Sydney Northern Beaches home of former federal health minister Tony Abbott last weekend when throngs of gatecrashers descended on his teenage daughter’s birthday party.

Neighbours of the Abbotts yesterday said the sheer number of teenagers in the street was blocking access.

"They were all over the road. I was trying to drive down the street and I was frightened I would hit one of them," one woman said.

Others woke to find bottles and beer cans strewn across their lawns.

A resident across the road told of how distressed the Abbotts were when they saw at least 50 uninvited teenagers congregating outside their Forestville home.

"The party was well-supervised before the (gatecrashers) turned up," the woman said.

"All the kids had to take off their backpacks and leave them in the garage before they were allowed in to make sure they had no alcohol on them.

"Then, at about 9pm, a huge number of kids turned up and were asking all the neighbours up and down the street, ‘Where is the party?’

"They sort of milled around and then the police turned up and herded them back up the road. The Abbotts were deeply upset about it."

Police sent two separate patrol cars about 9pm and 11.30pm to the usually quiet suburban street to shoo the nuisance teens away. Many hid to escape the police and some reportedly abused the residents when they complained.

Police issued a number of "move on" orders and several teenagers were escorted back to Dee Why police station to wait for their parents. No arrests were made.

At least two other parties were being held in nearby streets and it is understood the rogue guests wandered down under the misguided belief that Mr Abbott was holding an open house.

Mr Abbott confirmed "there were a few kids in the street who tried to gain admission to our daughter’s party, but we didn’t let them in".

"After a while the police suggested they move on and I must say the police did a terrific job," he said. [The Daily Telegraph]

The party crashing is being compared in the media to the infamous Corey Worthington (Delaney) party that made headlines last month here in Australia.  Is it just me or is the Australian media encouraging these wild parties by giving them so much publicity?