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Like Whales, Polar Bear Population Expanding

The only thing the eco-loons out there do that annoys me more than the claims you often hear in Australia and elsewhere that the Japanese are hunting whales to extinction are the people who keep making claims that polar bears are going extinct.  Like I have shown that the whale claims are bogus now the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works has issued a report that the polar bear claims are bogus as well. 

Read the entire report because it is extensive, but the Senate put together this report in response to the eco-loons attempts to list the polar bear on the endangered species list.  According to the report polar bears increased in numbers from 5,000-10,000 bears in the 1950’s to 20,000-25,000 bears now.  Only the eco-loons could make an argument that polar bears are going extinct while going through a population boom.  So how are the eco-loons making these claims you may ask?  They are trying to convince the US government to list the polar bear as endangered because of their computer models. 

Yes folks you heard that right, the eco-loons could care less about actual evidence of expanding polar bear numbers and are relying on computer models.  Maybe the anti-whaling lobby can use this tactic as well to verify their claims whales are going extinct since evidence says otherwise.  If reality does fit what you think it should just make a computer model to create the reality you want. 

By the way I have to wonder if any of these computer models predicted the fact that the Arctic ice pack has returned to its previous levels

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