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Happy Australia Day!

Today is Australia Day which celebrates the establishment of the first European settlement at Sydney Cove by CPT Arthur Phillip in 1788.  It is pretty much Australia’s equivalent of the US’s Independence Day.  In celebration of Australia Day Aussies have been posting YouTube videos expressing what they think Australia Day is about. 

This video here is really funny and I know I have been living in Australia for too long when I actually understand almost all of his Aussie slang:

Here is one that blames America for bringing its pop culture to Australia and ruining what Australia Day should be about:

I don’t like the hip hop rap culture either, but don’t blame the US for young people in Australia who choose to listen to and live that life style.  The guy does make some good points though that make for good food for thought. 

Speaking of food this guy is celebrating Australia Day the way it was meant to be celebrated, with a BBQ:

Happy Australia Day everyone!