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Reactions to Corey Delaney’s Party Mixed

Yesterday Melbourne’s very own male Paris Hilton’s interview on A Current Affair over his alcohol fueled party drew mixed reader reaction here at the Daily Boomerang.  Likewise reactions across the media spectrum here in Australia has been mixed as well. 

Here is a good example of these mixed reactions on Melbourne talk radio:

Here is a reaction from a Australian teenager on YouTube who feels that people need to remember Corey is only being a teenager:

Here is a Sky News report advocating that the teenager should pay $20,000 in damages:

Here is a ITN report that shows Corey Delaney is quite proud of what he did:

You can view some reactions in the blogosphere as well below:

16-year Old Corey Delaney’s 500 Strong MySpace Guestlist Could Cost His Parents $20K
Corey Delany: Wanker of the Week
I Present You A Typical Australian Kid

Reactions may be mixed but one thing is for sure this kid is definitely getting his 15 minutes of fame. 

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