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Corey Delaney Missing, But Offered Party Gig

The MySpace party boy Corey Delaney (or Corey Wortington according to the TV news) who through the alcohol fueled party that led him to become an overnight celebrity in Australia is now apparently gone missing after his parents returned home from their Queensland holiday and did not find him at their home.  I would not worry to much about Corey because he may just be interviewing for a new job:

Party boy Corey, 16, has been offered the chance of making up to $20,000 as a promoter after his wild and boozy party grabbed the attention of global media.

He has so far refused to return home to face the wrath of his parents, and instead is planning another party to be held somewhere in Narre Warren in two weeks’ time.

"Yeah, it’s been pretty fun," he told Channel Nine.

"I’m having another big pary in two weeks."

"I don’t really want to (go home), I’m going out with my mates and stuff, and don’t want to go home.

The teen enraged his parents and police after notching up a $20,000 riot bill from his bash, and has since gone to ground.  [Herald-Sun]

With the increased fame he is getting, he will be able to pay off his $20,000 bill in no time and is probably the least of his worries at this point.  If you want Corey Delaney to throw a party for you guess what, he has his own party planner website.  Here are his prices:


$200: For two hundred bucks I’ll get a bag of chips, some cruisers and maybe a strippa. It’ll be awesome. Everyone says so.

$500: For five hundred bucks I’ll get a six bags of chips, a group of sixteen year old girls who are really easy (my mate reckons he’s banged like five of them) heaps of cruisers and UDL’s coz they’re awesome and a TV Rock album because they make the party GO OFF.

$1000: For $1000 I’ll get all of the above, plus fireworks so that the police will be called and you might make the news.

$20,000: For $20,000 I’ll make you internationally famous by getting 500 idiots to attack police cars. Of course, you will have to pay $20,000 to clean up the mess but shit happens and it’s not my fault.

It looks like Australia has their very own male Paris Hilton.