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Complaints Over Adelaide Murder Capitol Claim

I was wondering if this commercial on my cable provider would draw any complaints from people in South Australia:

IS Adelaide the serial killer capital of Australia?

The nation’s biggest pay-TV company Foxtel and the South Australia Liberals are at each other’s throats over the claim, which has been made in a new program promotion.

The Liberals were dying to announce that they were proudly protecting the image of the state and they had had the offending promotion "pulled" from Foxtel’s cable channels.

Foxtel accused them of being in a state of "modest hysteria" and said the promo was only being "rested" for the weekend.

The promotion features Michael C. Hall of Six Feet Under fame who in a new TV series Dexter plays a sociopath serial killer.

Hall is in an airport terminal waiting for a flight to Adelaide and tells a fellow passenger: "Adelaide has more serial killers per capita than any other city in Australia." [The Australian]

This commercial I thought was actually pretty funny and Foxtel I’m sure is enjoying the free publicity from the complaints over it.