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On Walkabout Recommendation: Lake Taupo Motor Inn

I don’t often make recommendations on here, but on our trip to New Zealand the only hotel my wife and I stayed at that we would recommend is the Lake Taupo Motor Inn in of course Taupo. For $100NZ dollars we had a huge room with two beds, a table, chairs, sofa, and even a balcony that overlooked the city and the lake:



The hotel room also had a kitchenette in it as well:


I like hotels with a kitchenette because it is a great way to save money on meals. When on holiday paying to eat at restaurants for every meal really adds up. It is more cost effective to pay to upgrade your room to have a kitchenette than buy meals at restaurants. In New Zealand you will pay for example $10-15 per person for breakfast. For two people that comes out to around $30 a day that would cover the cost to upgrade your hotel room.

Our favorite feature at the hotel was that the room had a hot tub in the living room:


The hot water for the tub is piped in from the underground thermal water that the region is famous for. Many of the hotels in the area have tapped into the underground thermal water and is actually quite common to find hot tubs in hotel rooms in Taupo. It was quite nice to come back from a day of hiking or sightseeing and being able to sit in your own private thermal water hot tub and watch TV.

So for anyone thinking of going on holiday in New Zealand and visiting the Lake Taupo area, definitely check out the Lake Taupo Motor Inn and see if it works for your budget.

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