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Santa Sacked for Ho, Ho,Ho

Another example of how political correctness has gotten way out of control:

A NATIONAL employer of department store Santas has denied claims it sacked a man for saying “ho ho ho” while working at a north Queensland shopping centre.

John Oakes said he received a phone call from his manager at Westaff on Monday advising him he was no longer required to work at the Myer Centre in Cairns.

"I hadn’t done anything wrong so I asked her why, and she said, ‘You said ho, ho, ho’ and that’s not appropriate,” the 70-year-old Mr Oakes told the Cairns Post newspaper.

"She also said I wasn’t supposed to sing, but I was only singing Jingle Bells to get the kids to laugh for their photo. It’s just ridiculous, and everything’s changed because of the new rules.”

Westaff reportedly advised its 550 Santas across Australia and New Zealand not to use the familiar Santa Claus catchcry as it could scare children or cause offence to women. [AAP]

Australia is not as bad as the US yet, but the political correctness disease is definitely evident here and expanding. 

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