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Aussie Sailors Jailed Over Footy Argument

The things drunk people fight over:

TWO Australian Navy sailors jailed in California after a vicious fight about the merits of footy will learn today if they will face serious assault charges.

Philip Graeme Ferres, 26, and Kolis Barba, 24, have been locked up in San Diego’s Central Jail since their arrest in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Police accuse them of hitting and kicking their alleged victim, breaking his eye socket, after an argument flared at a party about Australian rules football and American gridiron.

The alleged victim, a 28-year-old San Diego man, was a fan of gridiron while the Australians were talking up the virtues of AFL, which led to the fight, police said.

A spokesperson for the San Diego District Attorney’s office said prosecutors were mulling over the evidence today to decide what charges, if any, will be filed against the two sailors, who arrived in the southern Californian city aboard the HMAS Sydney last week.  [Herald-Sun]

If the man was a Chargers fans than I can perfectly understand the beating.*

* I’m only joking. 

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