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Beer Can Crushing Boobs Go “Underground”

Forget the impending Australian federal election or the fact another Australian digger has been killed in Afghanistan because the biggest news story of the day at has been that the beer can crushing breasts of Luana De Faveri, who is now everyones favorite Western Australian bar maid has had to go into hiding:

A BARMAID fined for crushing beer cans with her breasts has been forced to "go underground", her manager says.

Luana De Faveri, 31, was fined $1000 after entering a guilty plea without appearing in court to breaches of licence conditions under the Liquor Control Act.

She was fined for attempting to hang spoons off her nipples and for while performing in a pub in rural Western Australia.  [The Daily Telegraph]

Oh this story only gets better because there is video!:

Police say a mobile phone video was obtained that showed De Faveri remove her top, rubbed ice on her nipples and attempt to hang spoons off her breasts on the night of June 7.

To top it off we find out she has other incredible talents:

She was also observed to crush a can between her buttocks.

So how do the cops know all this?  Because of an undercover sting operation:

On a second occasion in late June, alcohol and drug officers observed De Faveri again expose her breasts when she performed the can-crushing trick.

I wonder how hard it was to find undercover officers for this sting operation?  Anyway I think this just goes to show that the police in this town in Western Australia obviously have nothing better to do. 

Anyway the Daily Telegraph also has a video interview with her that you can view from this link and thanks to the Alpine Opinion here is a still picture of the infamous breasts in question:

I’m sure she can put on quite a show with those things and I’m sure her current status of hiding "underground" isn’t going to last as the media storm around this story continues to grow.  Like I said in my prior posting she ought to take her show on the road an move to Kalgoorie, they would absolutely love her over there and trust me the cops there wouldn’t be doing any sting operations against her either, they would probably be giving her a police escort to work. 

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