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Australian YouTube Launched

It is long over due, but an Australian dedicated YouTube has opened:

VIDEO-sharing website YouTube has taken on the local accent with the launch of YouTube Australia.

YouTube Australia features a localised homepage and search functions, allowing users to create and share videos, discover the most popular and relevant videos in Australia, and connect with other Australian users.

Content uploaded in Australia will now automatically feature as top favourites and recommended content, giving Australians a higher chance of being discovered online locally.

YouTube also unveiled a number of local media channels from Southern Cross View, Sky News, ABC, Channel 10, Channel 7 and Fairfax Media.

"We’re very excited to bring a local version of YouTube to Australia, and are committed to continuing to improve the YouTube experience for our Australian users," chief executive and co-founder of YouTube Chad Hurley told the media in Sydney today.

"Our goal is to satisfy the unique needs of the local users and to further strengthen Australia’s vibrant YouTube community." [AAP]

I’m thrilled there is an Australian YouTube website, but I would be even more thrilled if Australia would get faster broadband access to where it doesn’ take me over an hour to upload a 25 second video clip on to YouTube like experienced today.

Anyway here is the link to YouTube Australia and I also have it linked on my sidebar as well to make easy for everyone to find. Also below is the official YouTube video launching their new Australia dedicated site:


Not the greatest video to launch a website with, but I’m looking forward to digging through the YouTube Australia archives anyway. 

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