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Nothing But Love for Kangaroos

Near my home their is jogging path adjacent to some nearby bush land where often I can see kangaroos lounging around in the field:


My wife and I have lived in Australia for nearly a year and a half and I can still remember how excited we were to see our first kangaroo. We pulled the car over and stopped along the side of the road for about ten minutes to watch kangaroos hopping around in a field. Our Aussie friends said we would eventually get sick of seeing them, but you know what we still love seeing the kangaroos and are not sick seeing them yet:

Kangaroos Graze in a Field in Victoria

In fact my wife and I love kangaroos so much that we even invite them over for dinner, as the main course:


I have talked about this before, but kangaroo meat is outstanding if you know how to cook it. My wife figured out how to marinate the meat properly and when we grill the meat it is fantastic eating. We still love looking at kangaroos, but after eating a few of them we probably won’t ever look at a kangaroo in quite the same way.