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Google Earthing My House

Mooselet started a blogging challenge to Google Earth where you live here in Australia.  Well here is where I live in northern Melbourne:

I don’t live on any beach front property or on top of some mountain; my neighborhood is just like any other suburban neighborhood you will find here in Australia.  My house is an L shaped home with a garage and a large backyard which you can see pictures of here.  What I like most about my neighborhood is that it borders bushland with a number of walking trails where you can easily see mostly kangaroos and emus along with other Aussie wildlife.  I also like that my house is only about 7 kilometers from the Hume Highway which means I can head north to the mountains pretty easily from where I live.

I rent my home and the way the rental system here in Australia works is that you pay rent by the fortnight or in other words every two weeks.  So every fortnight I pay AU$397 dollars which isn’t to bad for a four bedroom home with a garage.  I wouldn’t buy the house I’m currently in, but I’m am actually thinking of buying a home down here at some point depending on future plans, if I can find the right place, and the strength of the US dollar.