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American Chopper Australia

If you haven’t already I highly recommend watching American Chopper Australia that airs on the Discovery Channel on Wednesdays.  Episode one aired last Wednesday and was quite good.  The OCC team is in Australia to build a bike for Russell Crowe and while doing so they are touring the main sights in Australia.  In the first episode they already toured Sydney, did the bridge climb, and attempted surfing at Bondi. 

They also did some sailing at the Whitsunday Islands (seen above) as well as scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef.  It looks like they were having a great time despite the hectic schedule they appeared to be keeping.  I’m looking forward to seeing what bike they come up with for Russell Crowe.  Anyway check it out on Wednesday night.  Even if you have never watched American Chopper before, the scenery of Australia is worth watching the show.