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On Walkabout Around: Canberra’s Lake Burley-Griffin

Lake Burley-Griffin is a large lake that the Australian national capitol of Canberra is built around. The lake was formed with the damming of the Molonglo River that runs into Canberra. The lake is named after American landscape architect Walter Burley Griffin who designed the city of Canberra. From the lake you can see just about every important monument and building in the city.

Photo from Aquila Helicopters

The lake is ringed with walking paths and jogging trails and usually when I visit Canberra I usually go for a jog around the lake. I get up early in the morning to go for a jog and occasionally I see hot air balloons rising above the city:


In the early morning the water is almost glass like with how smooth it is:


Much of the lake is surrounded by leafy trees such as this:

The lake is also populated with many ducks and swans:

From just about anywhere along the lake you can see the Telstra Tower that hovers over Canberra:


The Telstra Towers sits on top of Black Mountain and rises 195 meters. Like most towers it has a viewing platform and a rotating restaurant that are of course pricey.

Besides the Telsra Tower there are plenty of good views of the Australian national capitol to be had as well:


Lake Burley-Griffin is just one of the many things I like about one of the most under appreciated cities in Australia, Canberra.

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