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Women of the World, Australian Men Need You

Recent studies show that young Australian men are having an increasingly difficult time finding partners due to both a shortage of women as well geographic segregation:

The result is gender clustering: women huddle in inner-city enclaves and lament the paucity of partner options; men remain in the provinces or are drawn to the hard physical labour of the mining frontier where they curse the damned “sheila shortage”.

And of course all this occurs during the crucial years when courtship and mating weigh heavily on the minds of the young.

Consider the evidence for a gender divide based on geography.

There were 2.84 million men and 2.74 million women aged 20-something in Australia at June 2005.

Personally I cannot see what women are on about. With these numbers the finding of a fella should not be hard.

In fact I’d say there are 100,000 men who have a far more legitimate reason for complaint about the lack of potential partners.

However, I am sure women take a more ruthless view of this equation: an oversupply of men is good because it allows women to pick and choose.

So if you are woman looking to catch a young man Australia, according to census stats, is the place for you.  I recommend reading the reader comments on the linked article because it has turned into a flame war between Aussie men and women with some of the comments being quite funny. 

Just for the record where I live the Aussie men I know often complain the local women are fat, have too many tatoos, and missing teeth and thus have to take the train to downtown Melbourne to find the real women that live there.