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On Walkabout At: The 2007 Bendigo Easter Parade – Part 2

The parade in this historic city began fittingly enough with historic automobiles:

Australia is a great place for classic car enthusiasts because this country is filled with classic car clubs and Bendigo is no different. It didn’t take to long for the parade’s Chinese theme to become apparent:

This parade included many Chinese dragons as well as musical groups. This group below played Chinese themed music better than anyone else in the parade in my opinion:

They played really catchy tunes with the simple equipment they had. Not all the music was Chinese though. The parade included many Scottish bagpipe playing bands as well:

If you look closely at the above picture you can actually see an American flag in the background. Following these bagpipe players the stars and stripes made an appearance:

An American representative of the Lyons Club was the only time the US flag made an appearance in the parade.

There was also middle school and high school marching bands participating in the parade as well. The most suprising band was this one from San Jose, California:

I was pretty amazed a high school marching band from Mission High School in California was able to travel this far for a parade. They must have done a lot of fundraising to pay to participate in this event in Australia:

Bystanders were definitely surprised to see an American band in the parade and they were much better than any other marching band in the parade. That was actually the most Americans I have seen in one place since I have lived down here.

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