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What I Won’t Be Doing On Australia Day

Today is Australia Day which is a national holiday here in Australia that commemorates the landing of the 1st Fleet of British colonists at Sydney Harbor in 1788.  I’m off today from work, but I know one way I won’t be celebrating Australia Day:

Havaiana is an extremely popular brand of thong (flip flop…I do STILL giggle). Every Australia Day they put on the Thong Challenge. While most of you are envisioning the Thong Song with girls writhing in thong-like underwear on a beach, this is not quuiiiiiite that. It does still involve people being scantily clad on a beach, however, it involves attempting a world record for the longest line of airbeds! HA!

So thousands of people climb on their own personal flip flop shaped airbed, hold each others ankles and break a world record. Oh I know I know- I can hear the groans of disappointment from you men out there, but this event is still supposed to be absolutely a blast….and you get to keep the thong!

I am actually celebrating Australia Day with some of the guys I work with in traditional Aussie style; a barby where only Australian brewed beer is allowed.  I already bought my six pack of Cascade Light

Happy Australia Day everyone!

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