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Palestinian Terrorists Targeted Australia

This is interesting, Palestinian terrorists 30 years ago had targeted Australia for terror attacks:

THIRTY years ago, Bob Hawke, then Labor Party and ACTU president, faced assassination at the hands of Palestinian militants for his strong pro-Israel views.

He wasn’t alone. The Australian Security intelligence Organisation (ASIO) also believed prominent pro-Jewish figures, Isi Liebler and Sam Lipski, were on the hitlist.

Cabinet documents for 1976 – released by the National Archives of Australia under the 30-year rule – reveal security authorities and the government were deeply concerned about the rising tide of Palestinian terrorism.

Most worryingly, ASIO believed pro-Palestinian terrorists had a clear operational interest in Australia and that had been demonstrated by visits from militants.

In September 1973, Abdulhamid Abdulla Azzam, a member of the military branch of Al Fatah – the principal Palestinian terror group – visited Melbourne. He was arrested on his way out, charged with immigration offences and subsequently deported.

Information from the Israeli Security Service claimed he was a member of the extremist Black September group who had launched a terror attacks in Thailand and was interested in operations against Israeli targets in Australia.

This just give further historical perspective that middle eastern terrorists have long been trying to target Australia.  They were trying to attack Australia 30 years ago and they are continuing to try and attack Australia today as recent terrorist arrests have proven.  It just goes to show that when Al Qaida makes threats to attack Australia, they really do mean it.  I asked the Australians I worked with about the threat of terrorism in Australia and the unanimous opinion was that it wasn’t a matter of if a terrorist attacks happens, but when.