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On Walkabout On: Shell Beach, Western Australia

Shell Beach

Another must see sight in the Shark Bay area is Shell Beach. From a distance the beach looks like a beautiful white beach:

View Overlooking Shell Beach

Even walking on to the beach you get the impression that you are walking through snow like white sand dunes:

Shark Bay's Shell Beach

However, on closer inspection you can clearly see this is not sand you are walking on, but seashells:

Close Up Shell Beach Shells

The entire beach is nothing but these tiny seashells that can only live in the salty waters of Shark Bay. So many of them grow and then die they wash up on this part of the peninsula to form this shell beach. Make sure you bring sandals on this beach because the shells are like walking on rocks and it is not advisable to lie down in them either.

The water is fairly shallow:

Waters of Shell Beach

It is really amazing how far out you can go out into the ocean:

Wading In Shark Bay

View of Shell Beach

Very cool place to spend an hour or two checking out though due to the shells that make up the beach it is probably not the best place for a beach holiday but the pictures here are incredible:

Walking On Shell Beach

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